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Tessera Assessment: Students in Grades 6-8

Dear Grades 6-8 Families,

Mount Vernon’s Strategic Plan, MVx,  calls for us to “deepen the skills and dispositions of learners through the Mount Vernon Mind” and to assess “knowledge, skills, and dispositions of learners relative to real world demands and expectations.”  In the Middle School, we are excited to participate in a unique opportunity to capture a glimpse of social/emotional learning skills that resemble the Mount Vernon Mind.

ACT, Inc. offers the Tessera assessment, a comprehensive next-generation assessment system designed to measure students’ capabilities across six domains:

  • Curiosity/Ingenuity
  • Tenacity/Grit
  • Teamwork/Cooperation
  • Organization/Responsibility
  • Composure/Resilience
  • Leadership/Communication

The assessment will take place for grades 6-8 on Friday, May 4, 2018, beginning at 8:45 a.m. Students will participate in a 45-minute online assessment in which they will answer questions about themselves (agreeing or disagreeing with statements such as “I am very punctual” and “I do my work on time”) and the choices they would make in various scenarios (“A team-member does a poor job on her task in a group project: what would you say to that team-member?”).  No preparation is needed for this type of assessment.

This assessment is designed to be formative in nature, capturing a snapshot of a student’s current skills in the above six domains. As a part of Mount Vernon’s comprehensive and balanced assessment system, this data provides valuable and actionable insights that inform our approach to developing the skills and dispositions that will equip students to excel in college, career, and citizenship.

Thank you in advance for your support, and if you have any questions about this assessment, please contact Amy Wilkes (awilkes@mountvernonschool.org).