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Progress Reports for Grades 1-4

The first grade through fourth grade standards-based progress report is designed to give you a comprehensive picture of your child’s academic skills and the dispositions of the Mount Vernon Mind.

As your review your child’s progress report, you will notice up to 18 Mount Vernon mindset indicators have been assessed for this quarter. This baseline information will assist you in supporting your child while he or she  grows as Creative Thinkers, Communicators, Ethical-Decision Makers, Innovators, Solution Seekers and Collaborators. During our first year in assessing and reporting on the mindset dispositions, we analyzed and evaluated our practice. Next year, we will focus on six indicators, one from each mindset, rather than all 18 as we aim to continue to grow in our practice of assessing and reporting on the mindset growth of our learners.

In addition to reviewing this quarter’s progress report, please visit your child’s FreshGrade ePortfolio for ongoing feedback on progression towards Mount Vernon learning outcomes, mindset growth, and to view an end of year narrative written directly to your child. Please continue to use your child’s ePortfolio during the summer months to capture images and reflections of fun summer learning!

Students’ progress on the Mount Vernon Mindsets is reported using the following indicators:

EE      Exceeds Current Expectations
ME     Meets Current Expectations
AE      Approaching Current Expectations
LE      Lack of Evidence

Students’ progress on the Mount Vernon Learning Outcomes will be reported using the following indicators:

1: Novice. The student needs improvement in this skill. In addition to the remediation happening at school, students need more practice with this skill at home.

2: Emerging. The student does not yet consistently demonstrate this skill independently. Students should increase practice on these skills to become proficient.

3: Proficient. The student consistently demonstrates this skill independently. This is the benchmark, the goal.

4: Advanced. The student consistently exceeds expectations on this skill. This is meant to recognize exemplars of work that surpass developmental expectations. Families should not expect to see many 4s on the report.

Students receiving a 1 or a 4 will have an accompanying comment.

The School uses semester progress reports to discern, map, and inform your child’s learning journey. Progress reports are intentionally written in student-friendly language, so we hope you will spend time reviewing the report with your child.  The reports will be available through PowerSchool until June 15, 2018.  

To access this valuable information regarding your child’s growth and learning, please see the instructions on the following pages.

In closing, learning does not end in May! We encourage you to explore all aspects of the Student Summer Learning resources that will be shared through our Summer ePacket. Every parent will be invited to sign up for a Parent-Share Conference on Friday afternoon, August 10. Sign-ups will be available when class lists are shared.   

Happy summer,

Shelley Clifford
Head of Lower School

Elisse Hayes
Lower School Head of Learning and Innovation

To Access PowerSchool
Go to PowerSchool and login with your username and password (sent via email from Eric Berry at the beginning of the school year)

To View Progress Reports (Standards):
Click “Report Card” on the left. Feedback for Q4 can be found in the Q4 column.

To View Comments:
The gray comment bubble in the Q4 column indicates additional feedback is available – click on the bubble to read the comments. Not all standards will include comments.

Progress reports can be printed by pressing Command + P (Mac) or Control + P (PC). The  multi-page report begins on page 2 of the document.

If you have any trouble,  please contact Kasi Turner,  kturner@fmountvernonschool.org.